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ms navision is an innovative piece of software from Microsoft designed to facilitate the resource planning in a business enterprise. Notably, many businesses across the globe use this software to enhance productivity and maximize returns. The software comes with innovative features that cover all areas of enterprise development by creating conducive environment for between the organization and clients. Here are some of the key features of MS Navision.

Features of MS Navision

MS Navision runs on SQL Server, which means the chances of a HR Database locking are minimized especially if multiple users use the same data the same time. The software also comes with document report based on RDLC 2008 format that edits and reports data in several formats for example word, PDF, Excel, and so forth.

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How MS Navision Helps In Running Business Projects

With MS Navision, a business enterprise tool can control all the operational elements of the business with ease. From the point of assembling the factors of production to the point of delivering the final product, the software comes in handy in each and every step. Some key areas that the software helps include the following

Financial Management

For day-to-day operations, the software assists the management to contain the costs and matters relating to compliance. Secondly, MS Navision is great in monitoring and assessing cash flow and assets. Additionally, the software helps in the accounting department through pivoting of Excel so that all projects run without a hitch.

Project and Resource Management

One of the great things about MS Navision is that it is customizable to meet the specific needs of the business enterprise. Therefore, the software identifies the necessary tools required to run the project and manage the resources in an efficient way. Using MS Navision, the management can look into the strengths of the resources and the competitiveness of the products coming from the project.

Management of Sales

As long as a business stays connected to the system, the management can see all the transactions posted from any location. MS Navision provides accurate information thus allowing the management to respond to client requests, queries, opinions, and complaints in order to maintain a good flow of sales. Additionally, the management can know the performance of products by following the transaction postigs.

Management of Customer Relationships

MS Navision brings together all the information related to the business project such as the clients, products, inventory and distribution. The combined information helps the management in decision making and prioritizing the accounts that need more attention. By doing so, the clients feel valued and part of the business especially when the business sorts out their concerns promptly.

MS Navision offers so many services to a business and forms an integral part in the initiation and execution of projects. The benefits associated with the software give a lot of value and improve productivity in any kind of an enterprise. Finally, because MS Navision is flexible and customizable, it gives the business that rare opportunity to run the projects in any manner the management deems fit.